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    "Discovering those hard-to-find executives,
    that others aren´t even looking for."

Reaching the unreachables.

If you want to add fresh talent to your team or take your business in a new direction, you have to find the right people. Those individuals that others aren’t even looking for.

Rufus Steinkrauss Executive Reach is the right partner to help you discover those hard-to-find talents and executives. He has a sixth sense when it comes to what companies need. Thanks to his unconventional and highly emphatic approach to talent search he can identify, vet and attract those rare individuals your organization should be looking for. He simply knows how to read people.

Discover a better way to search and recruit — with surprising results and inject a new energy to boost your company.

Where is the candidate that will take
your business into a bright future?

More often than not where you wouldn’t expect him to be.

Special people can only be reached by special means.

The essence of Rufus Steinkrauss’ approach is the following: Any corporate goal can be realised with the right people – but there is no textbook way of doing so. Even the largest database will not be able to hold more clients than those already registered in it.

This is exactly why Rufus Steinkrauss Executive Reach follows a more unconventional way. Instead of relying on databases, he uses an investigative and individual method in order to find those candidates that others do not even think about. After an extensive briefing, we start with a sophisticated research draft. Potential candidates will be contacted after intensive screening processes. Rufus Steinkrauss Executive Reach takes on the role of a representative, which is exactly what makes it a calling card for potential new employees.

Our task: To win personalities.

If the chosen applicants decide that the clients company is what they were secretly looking for, they will reconsider their current employment status. And they will end up on a shortlist which will be the basis for a selection of three to five further suggestions after additional rounds of personal interviews. These suggestions will be advised and discussed with the help of recommendation exposés. The finalists will be chosen from among them and will be invited to present themselves to the client. Experience shows: One of them will almost certainly win your trust and confidence.

Where is the candidate
that you can really trust?

More often than not
with your fiercest opponent.

This can change the future of your company.

What might happen if you choose to work together with Rufus Steinkrauss Executive Reach (and what has happened already):

First of all, you will get rid of one major worry. You will not have to take care of anything yourself anymore, but will instead receive the information you need and will be accompanied and counselled at eye level throughout the entire recruitment process. You will get exactly the candidate you were looking for – no compromise needed. You will save time and therefore be more efficiently. You will feel that you are treated fairly and will have more fun at your job.

That is because you will receive a candidate that will actually benefit your company, even if he is originally from a completely different line of business. Your candidate will not only be a sympathetic person, but also a contributing, perfect fit for your company.

Your company will gain new momentum, which will help stabilise its commercial viability and might even help to strengthen and enlarge it. Consequently, you will be able to put more business objectives into effect, you will gain competitive advantages and you will satisfy even more customers than before. Your company will evolve because you were able to make use of the benefits of new personnel.

Where is the candidate that
enables extraordinary results?

More often than not
you already know him.

Where is the candidate that
will inject fresh ideas into your company?

More often than not
he is ready to start.

Knowing how to read people.

It is a headhunter’s day-to-day business to deal with a huge variety of different personalities. Personal experience and a personality of one’s own are essential tools to understand and cooperate successfully with others.

Rufus Steinkrauss was born in Hamburg in 1964. At the age of 10 he was sent to a grammar school with a special focus on the Humanities in Coburg/Upper Franconia (Germany). After finishing his A-Levels, he worked as a surveyor and shipbuilder at port of Hamburg before taking up business studies at the university. He moved on to reading law in Würzburg in 1986. He passed his bar exams in Hamburg and went abroad to work and travel the USA, Costa Rica, South Africa and Italy during his studies. After admission to the bar as a lawyer in Hamburg he held different management positions in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

He has been working as a headhunter since 2000. His head office is located in Hamburg and he operates a European-based network of contacts and clients. Since 2015 he is serving his local clients from his 2nd office in Coburg, Bavaria. He is a member of different national and international clubs and associations (Überseeclub Hamburg, American Chamber of Commerce in Germany). He also does voluntary work and offers pro bono services, lectures, and trainings.

Where is the candidate that
is a perfect fit for your company?

More often than not in a completely different
line of business.



Rufus Steinkrauss Executive Reach 

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